MEDICA – Leading International Trade Fair

November 13 – 14, 2023, Dusseldorf, Germany.

The SMILE project had a successful showing at MEDICA, the world’s leading International Trade Fair, held in Dusseldorf, Germany. This prestigious event brings together key stakeholders from across the healthcare sector.

The University of Maribor showcased our project’s mission and goals, and our innovative approach to improving youth mental health. Their participation at MEDICA provided a platformto connect with over 40+ stakeholders, and raising awareness about the importance of youth mental well-being.

SMILE’s presence at MEDICA 2023 marks a step forward in expanding our reach and influence within the global healthcare community.

FERI Povezuje

March 20, 2024, Maribor, Slovenia.

The SMILE project is committed to fostering knowledge exchange across various sectors. We were thrilled to participate in FERIPovezuje, a fair exhibition hosted by the University of Maribor.

This dynamic event provided a platform for showcasing our innovative approach to improving youth mental health. The SMILE booth attracted over 150 participants, including researchers, industry professionals, and students.

SMILE is grateful for the opportunity to have the University of Maribor hosting FERIPovezuje to build strong partnerships and facilitate conenctions between academia, industry, and students for advancing youth mental health initiatives through digital solutions.

Hospital del Mar as a partner in your European journey

March 21, 2024. Barcelona, Spain.

The SMILE project is proud to acknowledge this invaluable collaboration, where our partner, NVISION, presented the project and discussed the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both research and clinical practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • The critical role of collaboration between research institutions and clinical practitioners in advancing youth mental health initiatives.
  • The potential of AI to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of mental health research and clinical practices.
  • The importance of ethical considerations when utilizing clinical data for research and AI development.

Slovenian Pediatric Society Meeting 2024

April 18 – 19, 2024, Maribor, Slovenia

The SMILE project is committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the pediatric healthcare community in this meeting dedicated to child health.

The University of Maribor, presented the SMILE project, focusing on our core mission: developing innovative solutions to support children’s resilience and empower youth mental health.

We were honored to participate in this two-day event that brought together leading pediatric specialists from across Slovenia to discuss advancements and best practices in child health, and remind the pressing needs for children and adolescents well-being today.

2nd Mental Health Festival 2024

May 15, 2024. Maribor, Slovenia

The 2nd Mental Health Festival is co-organised by the Municipality of Maribor and the University of Maribor, to raise awareness about mental health and build a stronger support network for the community in Slovenia.

The festival provided a platform for fostering open discussions, breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health, and empowering individuals to seek help when needed.

Our partners held the SMILE booth during the festival to present the project and its innovative approaches to supporting youth mental health to a wide audience The presentation sparked engaging conversations among the attendees, and a sense of shared responsibility. Participants appreciated learning about the practical tools and resources offered by the SMILE project.

Key Takeaways:

  • The power of community events in raising awareness and promoting open dialogue about mental health.
  • The importance of addressing youth mental health needs through effective strategies for building resilience.
  • The potential of innovative digital solutions to provide support and resources for young people.

SMILE is proud to have the Municipality of Maribor and the University of Maribor on this impactful event. We are committed to working together to create a world where mental health is a priority and everyone has access to the support they need.

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